Beyond the Workshop: Organizational Learning & Development Systems

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Professional & Organizational Learning & Development Systems

Dragonfly is committed to embedding the principles of social justice, equity and anti-oppressive practice in all aspects of our work including: decisions about what projects to take on, how these projects are developed and how they are delivered.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING is currently an area we have committed to and targeted for change.

Here’s why:

  • Professional Development and training is a hundred billion dollar a year industry, yet in its current and most popular form, is largely ineffective.
  • When staff attend traditional professional development workshops, conferences or seminars on average only 10% of what is learned at the session(s) is transferred back to the job or the organization.
  • If organizations are spending billions of dollars (often from public funding) on training, they absolutely should be getting better results.
  • Alternative forms of professional development that capitalize on strengths within the organization have been shown to be effective in changing practices and impacting on outcomes for recipients of services.

So What?

We believe more can, and should, be done to:

Support employees in their learning and development as they work in supporting others.


Amplify the support available and provided to employees to enhance opportunities for them to learn, teach, develop and grow in their work and their lives.


Enhance organizational awareness, ability and “return on investment” in this area.

So What is Different?

We are not interested in quick fixes or simply replicating the current “drive-by PD” formats.

We are interested in assisting programs/organizations in creating sustainable processes that can be applied to all of their professional development & learning efforts.

Professional & Organizational Learning & Development Systems is a comprehensive approach to individual and organizational learning that establishes processes within the organization or program at three major points:

1) Pre-Training (preparatory processes)

2) At-Training (acquisition & assimilation processes)

3) Post-Training (application, integration, sustaining & growth processes)

Each system is tailored to the strengths and unique needs of the program or organization (every sector is different) and is informed by current research and practice wisdom from the community and from within the organization.

By taking a more comprehensive approach DRAGONFLY hopes to accomplish the following:

  • Support organizations to develop and embed structures and processes that will maximize the transfer of learning from every professional development & learning activity back to the job in sustained and impactful ways.
  • Broaden the current, narrow, focus of what constitutes professional development & learning to emphasize the vast knowledge within an organization and ways to capitalize on existing internal resources (your employees, your service recipients).
  • Influence other professional development & training consultants/companies to market their products and stated outcomes more responsibly, accurately and ethically.
  • Build the internal capacity of individuals and organizations to experience continuous learning and growth and minimize reliance on external development and learning products and services.

For more information about:

Professional & Organizational Learning & Development Systems

Please contact DRAGONFLY Consultation, Counselling & Research

Ph: 204-223-2202


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