Counselling & Personal Development Services


  • Individual counselling/therapy
  • Couples counselling/therapy
  • Group Counselling/therapy
  • Family Counselling/therapy
  • Personal Development Workshop/Seminars
  • Mentorship (personal and professional)
  • Individual Professional Development Support
  • Whole Health Mentorship (support re: nutrition, physical health, spiritual health)
  • Advocacy



Fees: Sliding scale $50.00 – $120.00

  • As a social business committed to equitable and socially just practice we do offer a sliding scale for counselling and other services.
  • A sliding scale means the amount you pay is dependent on your income and/or your current ability to pay.
  • The amount of each session will be determined jointly by you and the counsellor.

*The current market rate for individual counselling is anywhere from $85.00 to $120.00 for individuals.*

  • Individual appointments (sessions) are usually about 60 minutes in length, but this is best determined by you and your goals.
  • Couple sessions are usually 75 minutes in length but again determined by you

*Please also note that we do offer family sessions as well.

  • The first session or meeting gives you and Raegan (Dragonfly’s counsellor) the opportunity to get to know each other. This can also be done over the phone if more convenient for you.

Counselling services are not yet covered under Manitoba’s Health Care, however some extended health benefits plans through employers may provide coverage for counselling by social workers. Check with your employer or insurance provider to find out exactly what qualifications are required in order for a counsellor to be approved for coverage.

You may also be covered by other benefits or compensation plans (Victim’s Compensation, First Nation Inuit Health etc.)

Call us to discuss @ 204-223-2202, email or fill out our secure contact form:


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