Counselling “Fit”

People seek out support in the form of counselling for many reasons. At Dragonfly we seek to first and foremost build meaningful, compassionate and trusting relationships with people and to understand their unique reasons for seeking counselling supports.

Of utmost importance in this type of therapeutic relationship is what we refer to as “fit”. Fit refers to whether or not individuals, couples, families feel a connection to the counsellor they will be working with – this could include a feeling of comfort, a general sense of “getting along” , a mutual sense of respect or of liking or a connection across values. Sometimes “not a fit” can result from something as simple as not liking the sound of someone’s voice.

Fit can also refer to the methods of the counsellor. Is the “how” they go about supporting individuals acceptable or comfortable to the individuals seeking support. Many different counsellors use different methods or techniques in supporting folks and these methods need to be acceptable to individuals seeking support.

Finding fit can be a bit of a trial and error process but it is important. Many counsellors – like at Dragonfly CCR offer free consultations and brief meet and greets – this way you can get a sense of fit early on.

We encourage you to give us a call at 204 223 2202 to speak to Raegan and find out more about our services and our “fit” for you.


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